Freeway Photos

A Freeway sign, from Scott Greer, June 1, 2004.
Scott writes: "I am enclosing a picture of a Freeway sign STILL STANDING
on interstate 30 at Old Military Rd. just north of Malvern, Arkansas.
You can see it in the trees. My family used to travel through that area
a lot, and at one time you could see it from the interstate.
It is now covered where you can only see it from that road."
Note: The above Freeway logo was a secondary brand for Premier during their
run as a DX subsidiary brand until about 1983 when Mapco bought them out.

Freeway station near Lamont, California. Taken Sept. 2003 by J. Eric Freedner.
(No relation to the above Freeway brand.)

J. Eric's comments:
Along Brundage Lane, I found this converted ARCO now calling itself FREEWAY GAS.
The sign is actually a tarp tied over the Arco sign.
The "Freeway" in question is Route 58 just a block south of this spot.
I know of no other Freeway stations.

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