Dunford Photos

Here is another Johnny come lately to the Florida market that appeared
after the "energy crisis" and well after I left Florida in 1966.
I never really found out anything on Dunford Oil Co. They had a
handful of second rate stations on the central East Coast of the state,
and were no doubt headquartered there. This site on US 1 in Sebastian
was a former COLONIAL dealer station. As you can tell from the signage,
they were changed to USA after U-Save Automatic/USA Petroleum bought
Colonial Oil Co, in Jacksonville. That shows they did rebrand some of
the better dealer locations, but I don't think they ever did with the
mom & pop sites. My guess is that by the time this photo was taken on
Sept. 8, 1985, USA had gotten rid of the dealer stations and just kept
Colonial's higher volume sites. I have no idea if Dunford Oil is still
operating as I have not been that way in 15 years or more, and the
company has never listed in the NPN fact books.


Walt Wimer