Delco Photos

Delco, a Florida brand. Donated by Walt Wimer.

Walt's comments on this station:

The station was built in the late 50s/very early 60s by Shamrock Oil Co of Winter Park,
which was fast becoming one of the largest independents in the State. However, they were
hit very hard by the so called "energy crisis" and eventually folded. This station was
located on the south edge of town on Woodlawn Blvd (US 17-92), just where the road went
from two lanes to divided four lane on the way to Orlando, about a half-mile from the
IMPERIAL station I worked at. I have no idea if Shamrock closed the station before it
became a DELCO, but it was flying that brand on a 1984 trip back to the Sunshine State.
I am pretty sure the Delco operation was out of Daytona Beach, but the company name
escapes me. I did see a couple more DELCO sites over around that area, so there were more
than one. It appears that the company became a FINA jobber operation of some sort in the
next ten years. In 1995 this station was no longer operating but the company had three
station-C-stores in DeLand, all former Private Brand sites, two of which I worked at
while in college. One was the BAY/TENNECO on the north end of town and another the
SING/TENNECO on Fla. 44 west. The third was a former HIGHWAY OIL site on Fla. 44 east.
I am pretty sure FINA is now gone from of Florida, so wonder what these stations are today??
Maybe the company went back to their own DELCO brand or branded up with another supplier??

Note: On November 18, 2003 I received an email from the owner and founder of Delco,
informing me that they are alive and well, still based in Deland, Florida.
They market under Delco and several major brands.
--John Cirillo