Co-Op Photos

Part One, Consumers Co-Operative Association, Kansas City, Kansas
Brands shown here: Co-Op, Energy Plus 24, Country Mark, Petro Plus 24.

A porcelain Co-Op sign in Crosbyton, Texas.
Taken Feb. 2005 by David Aldred.

A dual-branded Co-Op and Cenex in Hinton, Oklahoma.
Taken Nov. 27, 2007 by David Aldred.

Energy Plus 24 on US 24 at western edge of Peru, Indiana.
Photo taken in March of 1997 by John Cirillo.

A Co-Op in Robstown, Texas. Taken Sept. 2004 by David Aldred.

Co-Op sign (porcelain) in the Texas Panhandle along Route 66.
Taken May, 2004 by David Aldred.

Mankato, KS, July 3, 1997. Photo by Sonya Cirillo.

A Petro Plus station in Oxford, Indiana. Known locally as Keith's Service.
It is just west of downtown at the corner of W. Benton Street (SH 352) and
SH55/CR350E. It is interesting because it is still a full-service station
with older mechanical pumps and an air hose that rings for service.

Here you can see the mechanical pumps and the signal hose.
Service bays are at the left.

A view of the office area.

Here are the old style outside-access rest rooms.
All above were taken on Feb. 29, 2004 by John Cirillo

Caught in the act! Here's one that my wife took
of me while I was taking pictures.

Below are three more photos I took in 2003. It was
the wrong time of day, so the shadows are long, but
they have some merit so I am keeping them here.

These three taken April 27, 2003 by John Cirillo.
Note: As of 2006 this station is no longer selling gasoline.
It is still Keith's Service but no gas. The pumps and sign are gone.

This is a Petro Plus/Country Mark self-serve located in
Fowler, Indiana at the corner of Washington and 6th St.
This photo was taken August 11, 2007 by John Cirillo.

A close-up of the signs. Notice the older Co-Op sign is still there.

This is the pump area with the canopy bearing the new
Country Mark branding. Taken August 11, 2007 by John Cirillo.

Taken a year before, on July 4, 2006. The Petro Plus sign
had not been planted yet. Photo by Sonya Cirillo.

Another shot on July 4, 2006. The canopy with the previous
Energy Plus 24 brand. Photo by Sonya Cirillo.
It is apparent that Country Mark and Petro Plus 24 are successors
to the Co-Op and Energy Plus 24 brands. I will add more
information when known.

Part Two, Co-operative Retailing System of Canada
These stations are a trademark of Federated Co-operatives Limited,
a wholesaler with a refinery in Regina, Saskatchewan.
FCL is a partner in Newgrade Upgrader in Regina.

Previous information stating that this Co-Op was related to UFA
was incorrect. In fact UFA and FCL are competitors.
Thanks to Carol Rollheiser for this information.

Here are pictures of the new style service stations and signs
that are replacing the old stations by larger Co-ops that are
along major highways. This one is in the southwest corner of
Melville, Saskatchewan, situated on highway # 10.
Photo taken on Oct 18, 2008 by Vern Lozinsky.

A wide angle shot of the whole station in Melville.
Photo Taken Oct. 18, 2008 by Vern Lozinsky.

A Co-Op with Sonic branded pump in Alberta. Taken summer 2003 by Craig Solomonson.

A Co-Op and Esso at the junction of Hwy. 4 and the Trans-Canada Highway #1
in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Taken August 21, 2004 by Travis Meginbir.

Another shot of the above Co-Op at Hwy. 4 and TCH #1 in Swift Current.
Taken August 21, 2004 by Travis Meginbir.

Three shots of another Co-Op in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.
This one is located on 2nd Ave. SE. The free-standing V-pole is vintage,
and there are not many of these left.
All taken August 21, 2004 by Travis Meginbir.

An older-style Co-Op on Maple Avenue in Eastend, Saskatchewan.
Taken July, 2004 by Travis Meginbir.

A really big Co-Op station at Victoria Ave. E. and Prince of Wales Drive,
Regina, Saskatchewan. Note: Regina is where the Co-Op refinery is located.
Photo taken 5-2004 by Travis Meginbir.

A Co-Op in Calgary, Alberta, on 16th Ave (the Trans-Canada Highway).
Taken April 9, 2004 by Travis Meginbir.

Another view of the Co-Op on 16th Ave in Calgary.
Taken April 9, 2004 by Travis Meginbir.

Taken July 7,2002 by Rich Piehl.
located on TCH 1 near Wolseley, Saskatchewan, CA.

Two shots of a Co Op in Olds, Alberta, CA.
Taken around Jan. 5, 2004 by Travis Meginbir.

Co Op in The Hamptons, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This is a partner,
or a part of the other Co-Op stores in Canada that use the
green red and white colours, not too sure what the relationship is.
All the other Calgary Co-Ops look more standardized than the one in
The Hamptons.
Photo taken March 4, 2004 by Travis Meginbir.