Consumers Photos

Two photos of the CONSUMERS office-style station in Nashville.
The top one was taken in June of 1960 and the bottom one 17 years
later in August of 1977. You can see in the bottom photo they had
done some remodeling of the site by tearing down the original building
and building a smaller one flush with the office building in the rear.

Today the company, Consumers Gasoline Stations, Inc., operates C-stores
under the name SCOT MARKET with major brand gasoline. The couple I
have seen were CITGO but that doesn't mean they all are.
Today they have 48 stations according to the annual NPN C-store survey
of 2002. Back when they were operating under the CONSUMERS brand I
think their station count was in the 25-35 range. When they made the
change I don't know as I lost track of them for a while.
Photos and text from Walt Wimer.