Conoco Photos

The iconic U-Drop-Inn restaurant and Conoco station in Shamrock, Texas. Now preserved and restored.
Photo taken 6-18-2018 by David Backlin.

Busy Corner, once an operating Conoco station in Hollis, Oklahoma.
Now it seems preserved with additional items, like a kind of museum.
The pumps in the back both had older round Conoco globes from the 1913-1929 era.
One globe is now missing but following is a closer look at the remaining one.
Photo taken 6-16-2018 by David Backlin.

Here is the close-up of the older Conoco globe at the Busy Corner in Hollis, OK.
Photo by David Backlin.

A Conoco pump at Shamrock, Texas, taken 6-18-2018 by David Backlin.
Notice the hybrid logo at the bottom with the newer logo overlaid on the older triangle badge logo.

The Conoco station in Shamrock, Texas. New logo overlaid on older triangle logo.
Photo taken 6-18-2018 by David Backlin.

A 1980s style Conoco Sign, Cotulla, TX.
Taken Dec. 7, 2004 by David Aldred.

An old Conoco station in downtown Olney, Texas.
Taken in Feb. 2005 by David Aldred.

A Conoco on US 281 at the Comal and Blanco (Texas) county line.
Taken Dec. 10, 2004 by David Aldred.

A new Conoco on South Cooper St. (just S. of I-20) in Arlington, TX.
Taken in January, 2005 by David Aldred.

A Conoco in Minnesota, taken Summer 2003 by Craig Solomonson.

Photo of the newly-renovated U-Drop-Inn Conoco station and restaurant
in Shamrock, Texas. Photo taken July 26, 2005 by Sonya Cirillo.

A new Conoco sign with the smaller Conoco-Phillips name at the bottom.
Location: Hallettsville, Texas. Taken Sept. 2004 by David Aldred.
This seems to be an interim sign because the next sign below is
clearly a new logo for the brand.

Five months later... Another shot of the above Hallettsville,
TX location on Feb. 1, 2005 showing the new logo in place.
Taken by David Aldred.

A new Conoco sign I saw as we were driving through Bethany, Oklahoma on Route 66.
There were several more like it throughout Oklahoma and north Texas.
Taken July 27, 2005 by John Cirillo.

An old Conoco sign off of I-30 just east of Mt. Pleasant, TX.
This seems to be someone's private sign collection.
Taken July 11, 2004 by David Backlin.

Looks line someone's private collection. These are along US 69/75 at Calera, OK.
Taken August 8, 2004 by David Backlin.

This conoco pump is the new style, taken 6/24/04 at Rapid Roberts
in Springfield, MO (Campbell & Sunshine, across from Bass Pro Shops).
This locaton had the older legacy Conoco signage and was
recently given the 'new' Conoco/P66 look. Photo by Terry Knab.

Conoco sign in Custer, SD on US Hwy. 16.
Photo taken June 13, 2002 by Patrick Johnson.

A dual-branded Mustang with Conoco in Gallup, New Mexico.
Taken May, 2004 by David Aldred.

A Conoco station in Baxter Springs, Kansas on Route 66.
Taken July 1, 2003 by John Cirillo.