Coast Station Photos

This is the Bridgeway service station at the corner of Ashby and Claremont
in Berkeley, California. It was once a Flying A, and at another time was an
Exxon. It is independently owned and the gasoline is provided by Coast,
which is a jobber, not an actual gas brand. The station is somewhat of
a local icon and neighborhood club. No card readers and everything is still
done by hand. They also have a cat, named Coast, who sleeps in the service bay.
In the background is the Claremont Hotel and Resort, which is quite a sight.
Photo taken July 2, 2007 by Lisa Margonelli, who also provided the above information.

A closer look at the sign above. Taken July 1, 2007 by J. Eric Freedner.

Part of an old Flying A ad showing the canopy style of the above station.
Clipped from an ad that can be seen on the Flying A page.
Contributed by Lisa Margonelli.

An old bait shop on Monterey Road (old 101) just south of San Jose, Calif.
Photo taken May 8, 2004 by J. Eric Freedner.