Champion 88 Photos

Champion 88 sign in Paris, MO. Building is gone.
Taken in 1998 by Mark Shannon.
Note:In Jan, 2004 Mark wrote informing me that this
sign was taken down sometime around 1999.

Two more shots of this sign.

CHAMPION 88 sign in Paris, Mo. I knew nothing of this brand when I took the photo above on Sept. 10, 1984. The photo below was taken by former collector Bob Scism from the Chicago area a few years later. Between the two photos I was in contact with a collector who filled me in on the company in a hand written letter. Unfortunately with moving last year, I have misplaced the info. I do know the company operated in central Missouri and have long been out of business. There was no station where the sign was, apparently long ago torn down. I believe the company was a jobber operation that distributed to independent dealer stations. I have never seen anything but this sign but some of us can always hope road maps existed!!
-Walt Wimer

From Bob Scism, late 1980s.