Caltex Photos

From Dave Leach

A Caltex in Cape Town, South Africa.
Taken Nov. 21, 2004 by Chris Solomonson.

A one-pump Caltex in the small country town of Bell, Queensland.
The Ford sign is of 1950s vintage. Taken August, 2004 by Jim Sonter.

Caltex stands for California Texas Oil Company, which is part of Texaco.
Caltex has been operating in Australia since 1918. At first called
California Texas Oil Company, it was shortened to Caltex in 1941.

A Caltex sign almost hidden behind a tree.
Located in Bell, Queensland. Taken Aug. 2004 by Jim Sonter.

A Caltex station in East Denistone, Sydney, Australia. Station dates from the 1950s.
Photo taken in 2000 by Jim Sonter.

This station was a Caltex at one time. Located in Woonona, New South Wales, Australia.
Photo taken in 2002 by Jim Sonter. Station was built in the late 1950s.
It is no longer around; it was bulldozed in March, 2004.

Early 1960s Caltex map of New South Wales.
From Jim Sonter.