Browder Photos

Browder 76 sign at the corner of Northside Drive and Commerce,
Fort Worth, Texas. Taken around 1997 by John Cirillo.
I have been informed as of 2005 that this Browder 76 sign has been removed.

Note: the oval sign in the distance says Quick Trip, and
was previously a Good Luck station (311 E. Northside Dr.).
Sad to say I missed taking that one.

About a block east of the above sign, this was Browder Distributing Company,
1200 N. Commerce St.
Notice a faded Shell sign on the building at the left.
Taken around 1997 by John Cirillo
Note: as of 2008, this sign and building still stand, though it appears abandoned.

The actual street sign for the Browder Service Station at 1104 North Main,
Fort Worth Texas, about two blocks east of the sign at top of this page.
Taken around 1997 by John Cirillo. Note: as of 2000, station was
re-branded to Fina. And as of 2008 it is now a used car lot.
The Browder sign has been painted over with Rio Grande Motors.

All that's left of a Browder sign on US 377 in Stephenville, TX.
This sign would have been co-branded with the Pride brand.
Taken Sept. 2004 by David Aldred.

Another photo of the Stephenville location,
taken May 23, 2005 by David Aldred.

A different Browder location in Stephenville, Texas.
Taken August 24, 2005 by David Aldred.

A closed Browder station co-branded with the Pride brand.
Eastland, Texas. Taken May 24, 2005 by David Aldred.

A close-up of one of the pumps at the above Eastland location.
Taken May 24, 2005 by David Aldred.

A rare Browder 76 map, dated 1972. From David Aldred.

Premier map printed specially for the Browder-supplied stations.
From David Aldred.

Some history on Browder from David Aldred:

Here's what I know about the brand. Marvin Browder Oil (later Browder Distributing) was a jobber with a primary location in Fort Worth, and at least one secondary distribution location (the one I know about was in Weatherford). I believe the company is still in business but has moved its offices from Commerce Street. Browder was a jobber for Premier in the 50's and this created a secondary set of Premier maps for several years as Rand embossed these differently, replacing some Premier ad copy with the Browder address and phone number for the Commerce Street office. Later, the company was a distributor for Shell (and may still be). The "Browder 76" stations could be found over most of Central and West Texas; they were simple affairs with the pumps and dog-house under one fairly large-for-the-time (probable construction date early 60's) canopy using the Browder 76 brand sign shown above. In the late 80's/early 90's these converted to Fina or Pride, keeping the "Browder" name somewhere on the sign or station. In Stephenville, TX there was also a station open until around 2004 branded simply "Browder Convenience Store", also using a cardlock operation. As far as I know, the Browder 76 name has been phased out with all the stations having been closed or converted if not sold outright. The Browder/Pride locations appear to have all been closed (I've seen them from Eastland to Fort Worth). As an aside, the Pride stations used the "GasCard" as their "company credit card" but unlike Town and Country, did not offer a co-branded GasCard. The last time I saw this as an active trademark was on a business card for one of Browder's reps in the late 80's. Hope this helps and provides at least some info not already known...

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