Blue And White Photos

Photos and comments from Walt Wimer:
This is the old BLUE and WHITE station chain in Indianapolis. I believe the chain
dated back to the 1930s, but now appears to be out of business, although
I can't be sure of that. I know I first saw their stations in 1959 as my
old records show two from my trip through Indiana in late summer that year.
Here are three shots of their long time site on Lafayette Road in Indianapolis:
TOP--July 1, 1975
MIDDLE--August 3, 1989
BOTTOM--1994 (Photo by Bob Scism)

Lafayette Road was once a major business street as US 52 heading north to
Lafayette and Chicago. But now US 52 runs with I-65 and Lafayette Road
is a dying area!!! I have no idea when the station closed except that
it was between my 1989 photo and Bob's 1994 which shows it boarded up and
probably without pumps. The station was as much, or more, a tire store
than a gas station. In the 1975 photo you can see a MICHELIN sign and a
big GILLETTE tire neon on the canopy. By 1989 they had changed to
BRIDGESTONE and GOOD YEAR. On the roof of all three photos is a neon sign
reading "BLUE and WHITE SERVICE" The two ID signs, one porcelain plugged
for neon, and the other plastic, are shown in all three photos. They still
stand in 2003, although the building has been torn down!! --Walt

Another set of photos with comments from Walt Wimer.
Here are the BLUE and WHITE station ID signs at the old Lafayette Road site in Indianapolis 28 years after I first took a photo of the station. Same two signs, but the building has been torn down and the signs just show what was once there.
The top one is the older sign, porcelain, plugged for neon. The neon is gone now, but appeared to be lit (red) in the 1975 photo above.

The bottom sign is the plastic, which has also been around at least
28 years and is showing it's age a bit with a big hole which takes out the "I".
But at least the sign is still there!!!
(Both taken Sept. 16, 2003)

More from Walt Wimer.
Here are my last BLUE and WHITE signs, two more at another closed site. This location was off I-70 on Indiana route 39 at exit 59, some 15-20 miles west of Indy depending where you start counting. This was a going truck stop when I passed it on I-70 in 1994, but my wife was driving, so not much chance of a photo then!!! The site is looking quite weathered now, so I expect it has been closed for a number of years.

TOP--This is a regular size sign facing route 39 and much like the one
at Lafayette Road except for it doesn't have the powder blue background.

BOTTOM--This is the high "Interstate" sign visible from I-70. A bit different as it uses a red controlled background and "&" instead of "and" in the logo. Also note it reads "Since 1932", so I assume that is when the company was founded.

As far as I can tell the company is out of business, although I can't be 100% sure on that. I did see one other sign in Indianapolis on Southeastern Ave. at a closed station that may have been being used as an auto repair. Other than the truck stop west of Indy, I have never seen any stations out of the metro area, although such may have existed. (Photos taken Sept 16, 2003)

With the exception of the signs shown, I know of no collectibles from this brand.
No maps, globes, oil cans, matchbooks, stamp books, etc.
If anyone knows different I would like to know about it!!!
--Walt Wimer

Note: All above photos and text are from Walt Wimer, except the one photo noted as from Bob Scism.

Since I don't live too far from Indianapolis and go there occasionally,
I decided to drive down Lafayette Road and see if anything was left of the
2425 Lafayette Road location. It looks like they're bulldozing the property,
perhaps removing underground tanks? The neon-plugged sign is gone now,
(only the post and hanger remain) but the other plastic sign is still hanging.
Here are three pictures taken by me (John Cirillo) on July 31, 2004.

This is the sign as seen coming southbound on Lafayette Road.

This is the sign and lot as seen coming northbound on Lafayette Road.
This is about the same angle as the 1989 and 1994 shots at the top of this page.

A closer look at the sign.

I took some little drive-by movies of the sign on August 11, 2004.
They are about 800 kB each, and run for a few seconds.
If you're interested, here they are:

Southbound Drive-By (AVI movie)

Northbound Drive-By (AVI movie)

These movies are avi files, which may or may not work for you. I checked them
with Windows Media Player and with mplayer, etc. for Linux and they were OK.
I used the Indeo 5 compressor, which everyone should have already installed.
Let me know if you have problems. State your OS and what player you used.
This is experimental so I need to know what works and what doesn't.

Here are yet more photos of Blue and White stations.
These are all from Gary Brewer. All in Indianapolis, IN unless noted.
All were taken in 2004.

Original Blue & White Inn buildings where Hap Cloud commenced business
April 20, 1932, Hwy. 244, Andersonville.

Office building at 2620 N. Kessler Blvd. (next door to Lafayette Rd. location)

Station #3, 535 Kentucky Ave., Indianapolis. Closed c. 2001.

Kentucky Ave. driveway sign.

Driveway sign salvaged from 4014 Southeastern Ave. station, closed c. 2001.

Station #6, 3720 N. Shadeland Ave., Indy. Closed c. 2001, now used as a truck depot.

Truckstop, I-74 & 275 East, Pittsboro, closed c. 2001, demolished around July 11, 2004.

Warehouse at 951 W. Morris St., Indianapolis

Thanks Gary for taking these photos. And thanks Earl Ma
for scanning them and sending them to me!

Here is some information on Blue and White's former locations
and services they offered, sent by Guy Kudlemyer:

Guy writes:

I ran across a 1970 NTS Truck Stop Directory that I had in my Truck Stop
Directories notebook, and in it is a comprehensive listing of all the
Blue and White locations in operation in that year.
 Blue & White Service, Inc.
 2620 N. Kessler Blvd.
 Indianapolis, IN 46222
 (317) 924-5381
 President: "Hap" Cloud
 All locations offer:
 24 hour service
 Diesel Fuel
 Tire repair facilities
 Adequate parking
 Clean restrooms
 Open accounts for acceptable firms
 Restaurant on premises or nearby
 Sleeping facilities on premises or nearby
 Ticket Printer Pumps
 Truck Lubrication
 Truck Washing
 Road Service
 Garage on premises or nearby
 Mechanic on premises or nearby
 Merchandise & clothing for sale
 6801 W. Washington
 8914 E. Washington
 5251 N. Keystone
 3600 Shadeland Ave.
 4105 Massachusetts Ave.
 2425 Lafayette Rd.
 4014 Southeastern Ave.
 3202 English Ave.
 535 Kentucky Ave.
 I-70 & St. Route 39
--Guy Kudlemyer