Blakely Photos

Blakely was an Arizona independent purchased by Gulf in the 1960s.
From David Aldred.

A small portion of a Blakely sign and rocket!
From a 1960s Petley postcard of Blythe, California.
From the collection of David Aldred.
Note the Associated tower (Flying 'A') in the background.

Some Blakely advertising matchbook covers from Walt Wimer.

A little more history on the Blakely brand from Walt Wimer. Also of interest to collectors:

Blakely was a post war Arizona private brand chain with big flashy super
multi-pump stations in Phoenix, Tucson and elsewhere in the state.
By the late 50s they had over 60 stations when Gulf bought them out around 1960-61.
I think Gulf kept the brand for a couple of years before rebranding.
I saw some of their stations in 1958, but did not get a photo.
The owner of the company was involved in auto racing and sponsored
a number of race cars in the 50s.

The maps come up on eBay every so often. They are scarce and also over priced.
The reason being that BLAKELY stations gave away glasses and dishware at
their stations for years. Collecting such has become somewhat of a "cult"
in the southwest and some of these glass and dishware collectors will pay much more
than they are worth to add them to their collection. Ditto matchcovers and ads,
which have come up on eBay a number of times. Under "normal" circumstances
of map collecting, I would rate the maps at maybe $30-40 based on the amount seen on eBay.
However, they almost always top out at over $75 and I have seen some got over $100.