Bell Photos

Bell Oil, based in Amarillo, Texas.

This is a Bell station located on the corner of Kingman Avenue and Harrison Street
just to the northwest of Andy Devine Avenue (a.k.a. old U.S. Route 66) a little
more than a mile southwest of that road's exit from Interstate 40.
Photo taken May 5, 2007 by KoHoSo.

Bell station in Bullhead City, Arizona.
Taken May 2004 by David Aldred.

Bell station in Williams, AZ on Route 66.
Taken May 2004 by David Aldred.

Bell Gas taken in Southern New Mexico near Alamagordo in winter of 2002.
The Bell name is still used in central NM at least, mostly (it appears)
in conjunction with Fina. The Red Bell logo replaced the Navy Blue
"Bell" letters in the 60's, and is less common than the more recent
(70's) yellow Bell logo that is still used in and around Alamagordo and Roswell.
From David Aldred, Oct. 2003.

Yellow "Bell" sign at abandoned site north of Las Vegas, NM.
From David Aldred, Oct. 2003.

A bell map from 1961. From David Aldred's collection.

Bell Gas billboard in McAlester Oklahoma.
Taken in Sept-Oct 2006 by David Aldred.

An Allsup's on Airport Rd., Santa Fe, NM with Bell-branded gas.
Taken July 16, 1994 by Walt Wimer.