Beaver Photos

Beaver Oil was started in Windsor, Ontario by Donald Plumb.
It was sold to Shell Oil in the 1960's. There are a few
Beaver station left in the Toronto area.
(Information provided by Andy Songal).

1980, location unknown. This was a converted SHELL station after
Shell Oil bought them out and began using BEAVER
as a secondary brand. Note the white "controlled background" sign.
I don't think such signage was used by the original company.
Walt Wimer.

Main Street, Welland, Ontario. Taken July 12, 1989
Not sure how long this logo was used. I have never seen it except on this
trip and on the other Beaver photo on
Walt Wimer.

Beaver station in Dufferin, North Toronto, CA.
Photo taken January, 1984 by Ian Byrne.

A Beaver station in Alliston, Ontario. Taken Sept. 8, 2004 by Andy Songal.

Beaver sign taken October 25 2003 at a Service Station Storage facility.
One of the workers allowed me in the yard to snap the picture.
Andy Songal.

Beaver Oil Company items in Andy Songal's collection.
Please not these items are NOT for sale.