Bay Photos

Bay map images from John Cirillo. An old Bay Gas station off US 17
in Pomona Park, Florida. Taken
April 1999 by Robert Droz.

Two shots of an old Bay in Okeechobee, Florida.
Taken July, 2004 by Robert Droz.

An old Bay with cottage station, Jasper, Florida on US 41.
Taken April 1999 by Robert Droz.

Bay pump found on US 98 South in Okeechobee, FL.
Photo taken Oct 2002 by Tod Allen.

Note: Bay was originally based in Denver, then sold to Tenneco,
and lastly sold to Dixie Oil of Tifton, Georgia which still operates today.

Bay location in Lansing, Michigan.
Taken in Nov. 2000 by Dave Rowlison.
David's notes: This Bay brand is Dow Chemical's "Dow Know-How in Every Drop."
Spartan Oil owned this station. They had about 12 or more of these which used
the Bay brand after Dow quit the gasoline business.
Note: This Bay is not related to the above Bay brand.