Agip Photos

From Dave Leach

An AGIP station in Sacile (Pordenone), Italy in the 1960s or 1970s.
Postcard scan donated by Cristina Vannay.

Old Agip pumps found in Montevecchio, Sardinia by Andrea Manca.
Taken in November, 2004. Andrea states that Montevecchio is
a semi-inhabited town in the mid southwest of Sardinia,
previously it was a mining town. The pumps have a 1969 registration.
Note:Benzina is gasoline, and Gasolio is diesel.

An Agip station in Genoa, Italy. Taken by Ed Sawabini in March, 2004.
Ed said that Agip was the most abundant brand he saw in Italy.
Their website is at

Nice big shot of a pump at an Agip station in San Giorgio di Livenza, Caorle, Italy
Taken March 13, 2004 by Cristina Vannay.
Some translations: Fai da te means Self Service. Senza Pb means unleaded or literally "without lead."
And Centro gomme means Tire center (thanks to David Serra for that last one.)