7-Eleven Photos

A 7-Eleven store co-branded with Pennzoil, located on Highland Ave. in New Castle, PA.
Photo taken in summer 2005 by Joe Gerard.

A 7-Eleven co-branded with Pennzoil on PA 65 in Shenango Township, just outside New Castle, PA.
Photo taken in summer of 2005 by Joe Gerard.

A 7-Eleven store with station, located on South Service Road,
Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Taken July 21, 2004 by Travis Meginbir.

A 7-Eleven with Citgo sign at Riverside Dr. and Belknap, Fort Worth, Texas.
Photo taken in 1997 by John Cirillo.

A 7-Eleven in Pompano Beach, Florida on Dixie Highway, Feb. 18, 1977.
Here is a 7-ELEVEN store back in the days that gas pumps were put in
as an afterthought, sometimes years after the store was built.
The photo also predates the long time 7&-Eleven-Citgo connection as
the pumps are branded "7-ELEVEN". Just two single pumps,
which was the standard deal for quite a few years.
From Walt Wimer.

7-Eleven in Dania, Florida, US 1, September 12, 1985 CITGO here, but
only on the pumps. No CITGO driveway ID sign or canopy. The store is
set back a bit more and the island has grown to three double pumps.
Still a long way from today's 7-ELEVEN stores, most of which have 3 to 6 MPDs.
From Walt Wimer.

Here is a rare shot of a sign with 7-Eleven, Citgo and Chief Auto Parts,
just before Chief disappeared altogether, being replaced by Auto Zone.
This shot was taken in 1997 by John Cirillo. Location is Fort Worth, Texas
at the corner of Azle Avenue and Ephriham. Sorry for the poor image. The exposure
was wrong due to the angle of the sun. I meant to go back and redo it, but too late.
By the time I was back in that part of town, Chief was gone.

Also shown on the Fina page, this is a Fina plus 7-11 and Stuckey's
north of Wichita Falls, Texas on US 287. Taken in May, 2004 by David Aldred.